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Berlingske Talent 100 | Head of Development @ Yousee

In 2024, he earned a spot on the Talent 100 list, a prestigious recognition by Berlingske, a leading Danish business magazine. This list identifies the top young talents in Denmark, in various categories.

Zahid has typed millions of lines of code, used to be an Android Engineer, and now coaches software engineers and technical managers. His experience includes 15+ years in Software Engineering and 4 years in engineering management. Whenever he has free time, he enjoys trying out cutting-edge technologies and writing about them. Originally from Pakistan, he lives in Denmark. Apart from being a technology freak, he is a sun hater but a snow lover, enjoys photography, loves to travel, and strives to improve as a person every day.


Software Engineer
FlickerLab ApS (Oct 2013 - Dec 2015)
Copenhagen, Denmark

#PHP, #Backend, #Angular, #Java, #Android, #JavaScripts, #Web

Software Engineer
Unwire (Jan 2016 - Feb 2018)
Copenhagen, Denmark

#Android, #Kotlin, #Agile, #Java, #DOT, #DSB, #GOPASS, #SWIPP

Software Engineer
Kayak (Mar 2018 - Ocotber 2019)
Copenhagen, Denmark

#Android, #Kotlin, #Agile, #Java, #Kayak, #Momondo, #HotelsCombined

Software Engineer
YouSee (Nuuday) (Nov 2019 - Nov 2020)
Copenhagen, Denmark

#Android, #Kotlin, #Agile, #Java, #AndroidTv, #YouSee

Android Team Lead
YouSee (Nuuday) (Dec 2020 - Aug 2021)
Copenhagen, Denmark

#Android, #Kotlin, #Agile, #Java, #AndroidTv, #YouSee

Head of Development
YouSee (Nuuday) (Aug 2020 - Present)
Copenhagen, Denmark

#Leadership #Design #Quality #FrontendDev #BackendDev #Cloud


Modeling of airway in 4D lung CT images

Lung cancer is when cells grow uncontrollably in lung tissue. Radiation therapy kills cancer cells and shrinks tumors with high-energy radiation. Clinicians manually mark airways on CT scans to protect them during radiotherapy. This paper automates airway segmentation, an important step towards this goal.

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Health Connect Android API

Learn how to use the Health Connect Android API to create an app that reads and writes health data and manages health permissions.

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Unlocking the Power of Cognitive Diversity With Inclusive Leadership

Want to drive innovation and unlock the potential of your team? Learn how inclusive leadership and cognitive diversity go hand in hand.

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BSc in Computer Science
CIIT, Islamabad
Aug 2006 - Jul 2010

Courses completed include Object Oriented Programming, Web Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics and Database Systems.

MSc in Artificial Intelligence
University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Sep 2010 - Jul 2012

Courses completed include Computational Modeling, Bio Inspired Computing, Machine Learning, Scheduling, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning.